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It's not your Rotator Cup...
How to strengthen your shoulders in 4 video lessons plus bonus video
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Learn key exercises in-depth!

Only 50 Spots

Limited training...
Why Access This Free Training :
Benefit #1
Release shoulder stress and relieve pain the proper way.
Benefit #2
Strengthen your shoulders with various detailed exercises.
Benefit #3
Increase functionality and prevent shoulder injury.
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My name is Laurie Moro. I am a national certified athletic trainer. I have spent countless hours on sidelines and in athletic training rooms. I have used that experience and sports medicine education to treat top competitive athletes and athletes in the game of life, women just like you, just trying to be pain free while “getting in shape”. Uplyft Fitness offers online personal training that specializes in women who have 40+ years of wear and tear of their joints. Our programs improve your strength so that you can live your fullest life with less pain. I believe everyone can be doing some kind of exercise no matter what kind of limitations you think you have. My sports medicine background can work with those limitations. No cookie cutter subscription service here designed for 20 and 30 year olds. Let me help you understand how your amazing body works so you can live an active fulfilling life. Check Out Our Website Here:
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